Bamboo, n. (malay bambu), any of a number of treelike tropical grasses having a springry, hollow, jointed stem, varying greatly in circumference and height; the stems are used for furniture, canes, etc. and the young shoots for food.


What the Italian artist Ubaldo Giacomucci "really" meant when he used the malay word "bambu" for the first edition of his assembling magazine in 1981 is unclear - maybe he liked the association with the word bambi(-no) for this beginning magazine - it doesn't matter.


Anyway, bambu is based on the original idea of combining a commonpress (every issue of the magazine edited by another artist) and an assembling (every participant sends as much (or identical) pages to the editor as necessary for his/her edition) - (can be 75, 100, 150 or more) - the number of pages of an edition depends on the number of participants) - commonpress (1977) was a concept of the Polish artist Pawel Petasz - the first assembling (1970) was started in the U.S.A. by Richard Kostelanetz and Henry James - assemblings became an inspiring method of publishing in the mail-art Netland.


Through the years a lot of mail-art magazines used this "self-publishing channel": e.g. Abracadada (stamp art magazine) (U.S.A.); Arte Postale! (Italy); I.S.C.A. (U.S.A.); Afzet Palm Bank (Holland); Care (Holland); Collective Farm (U.S.A.); Mani Art (France); Clinch (Switzerland); Fuck (Italy); K.S. magazine (Canada); Thermos (U.S.A.); Caps.a (Spain); data file (U.S.A.); Necronomicon (Yugoslavia)); Tan-go (Poland); Nepp (Germany); Trax (Italy); Original Art magazine (Italy); ovum (uruguay); aArt-life (U.S.A.); Brain cell (Japan) ; Bambu (Italy) and many more - some of the mentioned magazines use(d) only a part of the concept - for instance, by asking a certain number of stickers or leaflets for their publications


This bambu is a special anniversary edition, an anthology of networking communication, dreams, symbols & rituals - it became a ten years project started in 1982 & finished at the end of 1992 - it took 10 year to collect all these "administrative" items, signs & emotions but it must be true: <<13>> seems not to be a lucky number - my thanks to all the participants for their patience - the main problem was to find (for a human price) the box I had in mind - so this cardboard box was specially made for b 13 - also my thanks to all the magazines that announced the invitation to participate: e.g. Umbrella magazine; force mental; arte postale!; i.s.c.a; spiegelman's mail art rag; p.o.w.-art; afzet; tam-bulletin; mind's eye; n.d.; etc.


B13 ==the theme is "administration"== has 106 participants from 19 countries - it's an edition of 135 copies - there are 100 complete originals and 35 ò originals - the reason: a lot of artists sent (by mistake?) more than 100 copies (with a maximum of 135) - some networkers worked together, but they are mentioned apart in the list of participants - for instance Paridaen & Libens (Belgium) - a few networkers (who did not have the possibility to send 100 copies) did only send one original with the request to multiply it (what i did free for these artists) - all the contributors received a free copy.


Every Netlander is an assembling a collector of thousand dreams and illusions, of black & white information and colourful deformations - an accumulator of beautiful adventures & boring images - every networker is an archive - an assembler of poetical receipts, of spiritual waves from other horizons - he &/or she gathers the xerox-words & -works, compiles the received rubberstamp- & artistamp-sheets, the icons, simulacra and memories from other Netlanders - every (electronic) mail-artist is an administrator - = born to classify the mailed activities - & let it be assembled - & let this edition gives a new impulse to other netbeings to realize more bambu editions but don't give them the number 13 !

PS. if you have (extra) copies of bambu magazine that are not in the 42.292 archive, please inform me to make an exchange.

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